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Online store"Osekkai"by luxury townhouse inn Nazuna starts today

Nazuna Co., Ltd. (Representative Director:Shingo Omon) announces the opening of the online store “Osekkai”.

Nazuna, which has worked on luxury machiya ryokan ``Nazuna Kyoto Tsubaki-dori'', which is a completely renovated Kyoto alley, and ``Kiraku Kyoto Honmachi'', a luxury machiya ryokan that rents a whole building, has added ``meddlesome'' to the usual ``hospitality''. as its service spirit.

"Meddlesome"is the feeling of"wanting to please someone"and"wanting to do to others what makes me happy."

At Nazuna, we have decided to launch the online store"Osekkai"in order to deliver meddling not only to our guests but also to people all over the country.

Focusing on food and lifestyle, we will deliver Nazuna's unique"heartfelt meddling"to the whole country.

■ About the online store “Osekkai”

"Osekkai"collaborates with various manufacturers to create products.

The reliable quality and warmth of handicrafts unique to an online store from Kyoto are perfect gifts for loved ones.

Customers staying at Nazuna's ryokan can actually use the products sold at"Osekkai". Please purchase the one that you have actually experienced.

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