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Nazuna Kyoto Green Tea Uji Wasuka produced Sencha Okumidori (*Shipped on June 12th)

Nazuna Kyoto Green Tea Uji Wasuka produced Sencha Okumidori (*Shipped on June 12th)

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【2023 Harvest】《Pesticide-free cultivation》Uji Wazuka produced Sencha Okumidori (covered for 13 days at Yubune Shirayama Shrine) 40g bag


Popular field next to Shirayama Shrine
Elegant aroma and sweetness of "Okumidori"

Approximately 70% of Japan's cultivation area is occupied by the variety "Yabukita". On the other hand, "Okumidori" accounts for about 3% of the production volume.
A versatile variety suitable for both matcha and sencha.

The sencha cultivated for about 2 weeks under cover is called "covered tea".
This year, it was covered for 13 days and finished as covered tea.
By covering with a black sheet like in the photo, it blocks light, increasing the amino acid content in the tea leaves.
This land located next to Shirayama Shrine is popular every year for its elegant aroma and richness.


Variety: "Okumidori"
A variety that accounts for about 3% of the national production. It has a refreshing taste as well as richness and sweetness.

Harvest time: First tea (new tea)
In Wazuka, it is possible to harvest three times a year. The first tea (new tea) is the most flavorful and soft, high-quality tea leaves of the year.
Covering period: 13 days※
Tea covered for about 2 weeks is called "covered tea".
Due to light blocking, the amino acid content in the tea leaves increases, resulting in a sweet tea.
※Covering is a cultivation method of covering the tea garden with a black sheet before harvesting to block light


Harvest Date


Harvest Period/Grade

First Tea



Field Location

Next to Yubune Shirayama Shrine in Wazuka Town

Covering Period

13 days

Cultivation Method

No pesticides used during cultivation period

Aroma Characteristics

Distinct milky aroma of Okumidori with a hint of covering fragrance

Taste Characteristics

Elegant and gentle taste with sweetness

Color Characteristics


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