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Amber sugar SORA AI / 9:00 (*Shipped on June 12th)

Amber sugar SORA AI / 9:00 (*Shipped on June 12th)

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Osekkai's original amber sugar developed in collaboration with food designer Ai Horikawa and Kyoto confectionery artisan Wataru Kanaya.です。

SORA AI / The state of the sky, the course of events in the skyり行き。

The changing sky patterns depending on the time of day are expressed with Amber Sugar, a traditional Japanese sweet made from sugar and agar.しました。

5:00 The sky gently turns white at dawn様子
9:00am Soft clouds floating in the clear blue sky様子
18:00 At dusk, the sun sets and slowly melts into darkness.様子
23:00 Stars twinkling in the night sky (or deep blue sky) where the Milky Way appears at night様子

The beautiful colors that vary depending on the product are extracted from natural materials without using artificial colorants.Of course, each product has its own unique taste.ます。

It's a fun snack with different textures, crispy on the outside and soft like agar jelly on the inside.です。

The simple yet warm package is inspired by a scene from inside a room looking up at the sky through a window.す。

Fun to collect in 4 different rooms and sky blueも。
Recommended as a gift for your loved ones.。

※Points to note
Amber sugar is a Japanese sweet that is characterized by its crispy texture on the outside and soft texture on the inside.す。
By making the surrounding crystal part as thin as possible, it will have a lighter and more delicate texture.す。
Therefore, it is extremely fragile, so we will take maximum precautions to send it to you.が、Due to its nature, it may crack during the process of receiving it.。

We hope that you will enjoy the ephemerality itself as one of the charms of amber sugar.。

■Author profile

Ai Horikawa

Instagram / Twitter

food designer。
While studying graphic design at an art university as a student, he began posting photos of sweets on SNS.る。
Became independent in 2021 after working as a creative director at lifestyle media立。
Established Vail Co., Ltd. and mainly engages in food styling and photography product production.いる。
Other activities include travel media operations and interior design.も。

Japanese confectionery craftsman Wataru Kanaya

HP / Instagram 

Kyoto Confectionery Chef Masahiro Kanaya 6th generation is trying to create new products while preserving the Kyoto confectionery that has been passed down from generation to generation.している。

Japanese painting at the Kyocera Museum of Art, Kyoto City Creating sweets that combine spices and dried fruits from around the world with old Japanese manufacturing methods Curation of [Hasuha] in collaboration with craftsmen from different industries and the creation of [flat plate Kyoto] A wide range of activities are being carried out to raise awareness.開している。



○raw materials
Sugar domestically produced white bean paste apple juice agar butterfly peaタフライピー

baking soda lemon juice edible silver leaf銀箔

○Internal capacity
12 pieces

○expiration date
30 days from manufacture

○Preservation method
Please store at room temperature away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.さい。
Please consume immediately after opening。

○Nutritional information per 100gり)
Calories 434kcl Protein 2g Fat 0.1g Carbohydrates 108.6g Salt equivalent 0.01g Estimated valueg(推定値)/
Produced at a partner factory


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If you purchase items with different scheduled shipping times at the same time, they will be shipped together at the same time as the item with the latest shipping date.If you are in a hurry, please purchase separately.ます。

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