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"Nazuna Kyoto Gasho" Original Relaxing Wear (*Shipped on June 12th)

"Nazuna Kyoto Gasho" Original Relaxing Wear (*Shipped on June 12th)

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Incorporating the atmosphere of traditional Japanese clothing, we have woven a design using domestically produced cotton with a soft and stretchy texture, providing an exquisite wearing comfort.


By carefully weaving a gentle and meticulous "weave," we have created an original fabric with rich variations in shading by dyeing the fabric with "Nazuna Stripes," a unique and tasteful pattern.


■ About Relaxing Wear "Nazuna Kyoto Gauze"


Made with 100% domestically produced cotton. This double-layered cotton fabric is woven slowly with yarn twisted to the extreme sweetness while retaining the durability of cotton. The rich texture with unevenness provides a comfortable feel, combining the breathability and warmth. Noteworthy is its stretchability comparable to jersey or knitwear. The more you wear and wash it, the more you can enjoy the unique texture of cotton that becomes familiar. No ironing required!



The fabric comes in a tasteful black unique to twisted cotton and a white full of warmth and cleanliness typical of cotton. Even with a single color, the shadows that appear due to the surface changes of the material give it a charm reminiscent of sumi-e paintings.



The pattern is called "Nazuna Stripes," which incorporates a playful twist with Japanese culture and the company name.

While mimicking the shape of "Nazuna," one of the seven herbs of spring, the pattern subtly embeds the number "77." This is a hidden character technique often used in traditional Japanese clothing designs.

The number "7" is considered a lucky number derived from "lucky seventh" in America and holds special meanings in Buddhism and Christianity. In ancient China and its culture that was introduced to Japan, odd numbers are considered auspicious, and the tradition of celebrating the five seasonal festivals where odd numbers overlap is still carried on today. Adding a touch of Japan's love for auspicious items, the continuous pattern also conveys wishes for long-lasting prosperity.


【Product Details】

Product Name: Nazuna Kyoto Gauze

Material: 100% Cotton

Sizes: Regular, Large (Refer to size chart)

Price: ¥26,400 (Tax included)


■ Designer Profile


A Kyoto-born, raised, and based creator who is a leading figure in Kyoto's maiden culture.

After graduating from a Kyoto art university, worked for 14 years as an employee of a product planning company before starting freelance activities.

Connecting "the East and West of the ocean (Kyoto and the world)" and "the past, present, and future," she creates items and unique patterns that one would want to cherish even in an era overflowing with goods.

She has worked on logo marks, branding, packaging, and product design for cosmetic goods manufacturers, Western confectionery shops, and Kyoto cuisine restaurants, among others.

Since 2004, she has been presenting koha* original fabrics as the first brand to advocate "made in Kyoto, JAPAN."

She has collaborated with various companies on women's and interior goods, furisode and Kyoto komon, among others.

She has also published the 15th-anniversary commemorative catalog "koha* 50/15 PATTERNS" (published by Komura Suiko Shoin).



■ Designer's Comment

"Why not design relaxing wear for luxury inns full of Kyoto's charm, which are popular among overseas guests?"

When I was first invited with this powerful phrase, I was thrilled.

I wanted to use cotton material with a soft and stretchy texture unique to "domestically produced" items.

I aimed to create wear that would provide comfortable wear throughout the seasons.

I wanted to realize a style that embodies the essence of Japanese clothing, such as "wrapping" and "tying," which would be appreciated by overseas visitors.

I incorporated wordplay and visual fun with "77" written as Nazuna and the auspiciousness of the number 7 into the pattern!

By arranging "77" in a row and depicting the Nazuna Stripe, a traditional Japanese staggered stripe pattern, the elements were all packed in, and it was conveyed in a form that resonates with the skills and spirit of Japan's producers.

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