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Yokan Assortment / Set of 4 (※Ships on May 10th)

Yokan Assortment / Set of 4 (※Ships on May 10th)

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You can't help but be fascinated by the jewel-like yokan羹。
At first glance, it doesn't look like food, and it looks beautiful.す。

Sweet yokan that is typical of Japanese sweets. There may be many people who don't have the opportunity to eat it often.ん。

With the concept of fun, cute, and delicious so that even people who don't usually eat Japanese sweets can enjoy it, we created a yokan that can be enjoyed just by looking at it.げました。

The colorful marbled yokan that looks like a work of art羹。

The package is based on a white box and the sticker on the outer box is used as a caption card to display an artwork.した。

Easy-to-eat bite-size yokan is individually wrapped, making it perfect for carrying around.適。

Please use it as a small gift.。

■Recommended way to eat

・In hot weather, you can enjoy it even more by cooling it down.。
・If you freeze it, it will have a sherbet-like crunchy texture, so please try it.い。

■four flavors

・STRAWBERRY YOGURT Yogurt liqueur and strawberries are exquisiteす
・IYOKAN Made with fresh Iyokan from Ehime様
・Mild salty flavor with SIO bittern風味
・GIN TONIC Gin-based refreshing tasteい

■Product details

Size: Width 4.7 Depth 1.5 Height 5.0cmcm
Expiration date: 6 months from date of manufacture
Country of Origin: Japan


Ingredients: Sugar Domestically produced white beans Iyo citrus peel Ehime Prefecture reduced starch syrup agar starch syrup Processed orange juice fructose glucose liquid sugar Orange concentrated juice coloring carotenoid gardenia red yeast thickener(ペクチン)、酸味料、香料、(一部にオレンジを含む)


Ingredients: Sugar Domestically produced adzuki bean paste agar white ingen soybean salt隠元豆、食塩

−strawberry yogurt())

Ingredients: Sugar Domestically produced Hakuingen soybean syrup Yogurt liqueur Agar Strawberry juice processed product Fructose-glucose liquid sugar Strawberry concentrated fruit juice Trehalose Fragrance Acidulant Coloring rack Partly contains milk components色料(ラック)、(一部に乳成分を含む)

−gin and tonic())

Ingredients: Sugar Domestically produced White Ingen bean syrup Gin tonic liqueur Agar Trehalose Acidulant Fragrance Colorant Yellow 4 Blue 1香料、着色料(黄4、青1)

※Alcohol is used as an ingredient in the cocktail series marked with the mark.Those who drive or those who are sensitive to alcohol should not take this product for children.さい。

*Notes about shipping*

If you purchase products with different shipping times at once, they will be shipped together with the product with the latest shipping time.If you are in a hurry, please purchase them separately.ます。

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