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MYTONE × Osekkai Towel Blanket / SEN BON TORII (*Shipped on July 9th)

MYTONE × Osekkai Towel Blanket / SEN BON TORII (*Shipped on July 9th)

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home goods brandsMY TONEtowel blanket in collaboration with。

Not only can it be used in outdoor scenes such as sheets and blankets at the beach or camping, but it can also be used in a variety of indoor scenes such as bedding in the summer or hanging on the sofa.ます。

It can be washed in a washing machine, so it is easy to care for at home. Made of 100% cotton, it does not pill and can be used for a long time while maintaining its quality.だけます。

The characteristic of cotton material is that it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.It has good breathability because it contains air between the fibers, and it feels cool because it absorbs the moisture inside and dissipates it to the outside together with the heat.感じます。

In winter, the layer of air acts like a heat insulator to keep your body warm. 。

Produced in a factory in Imabari, which is famous as a production area of ​​towels, one of the attractions is the reliable quality made in Japan and the warmth of handwork.です。


Abstract artwork of famous places in Kyoto。
By boldly using the ancient Japanese madder color, the design will become an accent in your life.に。

■Product details
TitleMYTONE Nazuna a
size92cm170cm m
Material Cotton 1000%
Country of Origin: Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan 市)
Designer Yuta Mihira @mihirayutaa

■What is MYTONE
HP / Instagram

MYTONE is a home goods brand that incorporates various pattern arts into objects.ド。
Choose your favorite MYTONE from among many pattern design colorsを選ぶ。
And change your daily life to your own color and raise your moodげる。
We propose products that add color to everyday life through design, with a focus on interiors.す。


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